Monday, July 2, 2012

Real love isn't found overnight

I wish Romeo and Juliet ended happily. I believe that once upon a times- or beginnings in general- should end with happily ever afters. Reality bites. All stories begin with once upon a times, but it is up to the writer of the story to decide whether or not that will lead to a happily ever after. I think every princess deserves a prince charming, but fairy tales don't give us a very good of a true prince- or princess for that matter. For example, Prince Charming fell in love with Cinderella in a matter of hours, while dancing with her when she looked her best, and they exchanged very few words. When Cinderella ran away, Prince Charming did the right thing in pursuing her but when he came upon her he couldn't even recognize the girl he'd fallen in love with the night before. Real love does not come about in a matter of hours and if you truly love someone, you will recognize them at their very worst as well as at their very best. "Sometimes knights in shining armor are just jerks in tinfoil." Image isn't everything; Love recognizes the object of its affection- and loves it nonetheless- in all its forms: worst and best. Good and bad.

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