Sunday, July 15, 2012


Perspective: it's the way you see life. I like to play with angles, to look at things a different way and that's when I see beauty. I think brokenness is beauty because brokenness is difference. If we were all perfect, we would just be perfect. There are not different types of perfection, there's just perfection. Plain and simple. But, people are broken in so many different way. There are those who shatter as well as those who are completely cracked on the inside but sealed in such a way that from the outside it's impossible to tell what's really going on inside. And, it's beautiful, because when we break, the pieces scatter and we lose a few pieces trying to find the ones we lost. We can't put the pieces back the way they originally were but we find that they fit together in a different way. They can create something new, and with God's fingers to hold us together, we can be something truly new. Redemption. Yes, we're still broken, but it's the cracks and the scars that show us who we are and who we've become despite the many times we've fallen apart.

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