Thursday, May 24, 2012

A butterfly without wings

I am the very definition of a people pleaser. My reputation holds more value than my character itself. And I'm ashamed to say but this is true. I need affirmation from people to even think that I am loved but i doubt almost every one of them--do they really know me? Ive spent the past two years radically changing myself to fit into someone else's box. And do those people even care? No. It's the ones who do care that have seen me broken and lost and unsure who care and despite all of this they still love me. And if I continue to warp myself I may not be able to change back into who I want to be. I might find mysel stuck and I might lose what matters most- those who love me. I will not warp, I will not be stuffed into a box created by people who do not know me. I will be softened and I will be molded but only by hands who have created before; by hands who know what they're doing. by defenition, I will be molded by Gods hands.

Monday, May 21, 2012

You're sinking, not swimming

"This is just the way it works."
"This is normal."
"It's okay."
"I'm fine."
No, you're not.
They're all lies.
You're trying to breathe but you're suffocating in your own air.
You're trying to swim but you're drowning in your own tears.
You dug your own grave, and you let yourself fall in.
You let them push you to the edge and then you jumped.
And even as you fall,
You don't listen at all.
When you hit the ground you'll shatter; it's gone. This is all.
But, there is more.
There is hope.
There is life.
Love is right behind you. <3