Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What could have been said, but wasn't

Eventually all things come to an end. Whether it be the conclusion to a great book, or the last day of school, endings come and whether ends are for the better or worse, they are still ends. Optimism says that the end is only a different beginning, but in order for something new to begin, something old must end. Eventually, once upon a times turn into happily ever afters and hellos turn into goodbyes. Whoever said that the end means never again? Whoever said goodbye means forever? Whoever said that letting go doesn't mean holding on? Granted, not everything will be the same, but some things will never change. Beginnings lead to endings and endings lead to beginnings. The past turns into the future and the future turns into the past. Life is a journey; not a destination. Goodbye: and hello. 

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