Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breaking escape

I wanted-no- I needed to escape. The city around me like four padded walls from which no one could hear me scream encased me similar to a butterfly in a cocoon. However, unlike the butterfly, while inside the cocoon I became uglier and weaker with every passing day. With all the strength I could muster, I convinced myself that it was now I could make my escape. So, with one step after another, I sprinted away from my prison toward freedom. Just as I was stepping away from what I'd been traveling toward, fantasy and reality collided like the dark and the light-although it was impossible to tell which was which- and I descended deeper into my nightmare. My green eyes and opened and met with my reflection. So, this is hell. I was in the same place that I'd nearly escaped from seconds before. However, for me, the nightmare resumed when my eyes were open rather than closed. I preferred to drown in my daydreams rather than wade in my reality. My life was my nightmare.

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