Thursday, October 25, 2012

You, me, them, us

Forget about the things they told you to say.
Forget about the person they told you to be.
After all what do they know?
You've lost yourself trying to find who you wanted to be.
You're drowning in people while trying to change the perspective of the people around you.
However, it's you whose perspective has been changed.
Who are you anyways?
Did you even know in the first place?
It's easy for your beliefs to be compromised when you never truly believed them in the first place.
It's easy to fall when there are a thousand people dragging you down.
One against a thousand.
The odds were never in your favor.
And, not surprisingly, you lost.
Forget about the game you've been trying to play. 
Forget about the person you believed you needed to be.
All you need to be is yourself.
Never let the world change your heart. 
Give your heart to the One who will never change despite the circumstances of life. 

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