Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dear girl,
You see what you like and what you like doesn't see you so you pursue.
However, pursuit is most times more hurtful than helpful.
You find that what (let's call him a who) you like doesn't like you so you hope that in pursuing him, he will initiate.
But, girl, you've missed the point.
It is him who is supposed to pursue for this is what he was designed to do.
It is not your job to chase after him like a child playing tag.
Girl, you are worth so much more than the sacrifice of your dignity to pursue a guy not worth your time.
If he is unwilling to pursue you, he is not worthy of you.
Always remember, dear girl, that the right guy will chase you. He will pursue you with his love, and if you are unready to be pursued, he will stay. His love will remain, but he will wait.
He will wait because he realizes that you are worth the time he's spent without you.
And you are.
Believe it.
~You are beautiful; wouldn't you rather have one amazing guy notice that rather than a bunch of stupid ones?

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